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Refreshing Lemon & Honey- ليمون وعسل
Refreshing Lemon & Honey- ليمون وعسل

Refreshing Lemon & Honey- ليمون وعسل

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This brightly colored, sweet, and tangy soap is everything you need to start fresh in the morning or end a heavy day at work!

Our handmade and natural lemon honey soap will nourish your skin with its creamy lather of coconut and palm oils. It is infused with 100% natural honey which works as an antioxidant and a deep skin moisturizer.

This citrusy soap, rich in lemon fragrance oil, will refresh and stimulate your mind and body. Freshen up someone's day with an exhilarating citrusy aroma by gifting them this soap, or treat your skin to more vitality and youthful glow.

What makes this soap extra special is our signature 100% natural loofah. The embedded loofah will help exfoliate your skin and increase blood circulation, offering a 2 in 1 soap and scrub that your skin will thank you for.

So, go ahead: Layyef, Kayyef! (Scrub and Enjoy!)

Directions for use:

We recommend rubbing the loofah soap under water for a couple of seconds before you start scrubbing your skin to soften it a little bit and make it gentler on the skin.


Natural Loofah, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sucrose, Aqua, Honey and Lemon Fragrance Oils, Natural Honey, Vitamin E Oil, Skin Safe Colorants, Alcohol.

Box Dimensions: 10.5x 8.5x 4 cm
Soap Weight: 115 g